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Kimberly Parsons, Naturopath

Welcome! My name is Kimberly Parsons; I am the Author of ‘The Yoga Kitchen’, Speaker, Lecturer, professionally qualified Naturopath, Chef and Entrepreneur. As ‘The Yoga Chef’ my mission is to teach people how to tune-in to their innate wisdom and learn how to listen to their body’s daily signs and symptoms in order to find long lasting, vibrant health and happiness. I call this ‘body intelligence’ and I am deeply passionate about helping people tap into this knowledge to find true connection. The insights I have discovered through my studies and experience as a Naturopath have led me to truly believe that by learning to listen to the subtle and constant messages of wisdom your body feeds back to your conscious and subconscious being you can experience joy, vitality and longevity on a level you may have long since forgotten or believed were consigned to your younger years.

Your sense of self, energy, skin, hair, libido, your passion for life, you name it – it all starts with your physical and spiritual well-being, and there are definite and profound methods and paths you can take to move from depletion to repletion and honour this state of truth, full health and wholeness within yourself, should you choose to.

Brought up in a Sicilian/British household in Australia, I was exposed to a strong European influence from an early age. I was lucky enough to grow up in an environment where I searched for freshly laid eggs under the hens’ warm bellies each morning. At age five I could tell you exactly what was growing in the vegetable garden; I knew when the raspberries were ready to be picked for making jam; I would taste the sweetness of a fresh fig from the tree and could look forward to the autumn as we brought the prickly chestnuts to roast over an open fire. My Sicilian grandmother had a passion for simple healthy food that tasted great. It was from the bustling warmth of her kitchen that she taught me to create mouth-watering recipes that had remained unchanged through countless generations before her. Over the many years I spent in her company, under her watchful gaze, I came to learn the art of cooking as well as adopting many of her underlying cooking principles.

Initially, the idea of turning my passion for cooking and all things related to food bypassed me as a possible career
 path. Fascinated by natural health, I graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies with a four-year degree in Naturopathy. I practiced for many years, supporting the health of my patients’ with challenges including weight loss, infertility, hypertension and many different types of cancer. It was during these years that I began to understand how the body is intrinsically related to its environment and what we feed it.

Little Kimberly Parsons, Naturopath in the making

By 24, my curiosity of unexplored shores could no longer be ignored and like so many others of my antipodean generation, I ventured off to chase new sunsets. I decided it was time to reconnect to my European roots once again and moved to the intoxicating Villa kitchens buried in the rolling hills of the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. After eight months spent enjoying the pleasures of hot summer days, lazy afternoon siestas and the abundance of Italian produce, I embarked on my next adventure to the French Alps, where all my childhood passions for cooking could combine with top class dining and attention to detail as a chalet chef.

And so, with two years of summer to winter seasonal chef jobs under my apron strings, I found myself moving to London on a whim of love. Having been swept off my feet by an Englishman, I took a position as a private chef in Notting Hill and continued my journey with food in the metropolis, which is when I wrote my first recipe book, Suitcases of Recipes (Vagabond 2012).

My first experience of yoga didn’t come until a friend of mine invited me to join her for a class one evening. After an hour of twisting, stretching and sweating my way through a dynamic power yoga class I collapsed onto my mat utterly exhausted but also feeling completely alive. Somehow I had found peace, elation and clarity in the process of moving through the combination of these ancient poses.

My ongoing experiences of the yogic way of life seeded the idea to open The Retreat Cafes. I began to work in conjunction with established yoga studios, which enabled me to provide healthy-eating, vegetarian cafes, and run yoga retreats all around the world, which I continue to do. My recipe book, The Yoga Kitchen (Quadrille 2016), available in 9 countries worldwide is also an extension of my experiences of cooking for yogis. The Yoga Kitchen is a culinary delight for any cook looking to include innovative vegetarian, gluten and sugar-free recipes into their cooking. The recipe book follows yogic philosophy and is a true alchemy of food and holistic health.

As a Naturopath and wellness advocate I strongly believe listening to our body is not just about avoiding future illness. It is about wellness and vitality now and about being able to have the life you - and your body - will love. When you listen to the voice of your body that’s been speaking to you your whole life, and you begin to understand your body’s language, you unlock the key to your own happiness and well-being. Decisions that were difficult before become simpler. Eating becomes more of a pleasure, as you understand what your body really wants. A new level of energy and inspiration is possible when you move, eat and rest in the way your body needs. You develop a ‘second sense’ for choosing people who are positive influencers, with your body intelligence as your talisman. You are less likely to become ill, as you listen to the early symptoms that your body is communicating to you and you have the power and potential to heal your own symptoms.

If the path I have chosen resonates and inspires you then please share with those around you because a collective higher consciousness is how we can all work together to create a health change. Thank you for spending some time here with me.

This Is Me

I believe deeply that our health is our own responsibility and should never be handed over to someone else to ‘fix’. I stand by those who trust their gut and use intuition as their arsenal in life. I am a very good listener and recognise that it’s always about my friends and clients, not about me; but if you ask me my opinion and offer me a space in which to speak my wisdom, although I will always respect your opinion I will speak authentically. Above all, I am real when it counts and truth is my guide.

My definition of holistic health includes sleeping more than we do and weekend bike rides for a Sunday roast, green juice and cuddles with your cat, morning ginger shots and popcorn at the movies, really good Italian gelato and a healthy relationship with our own sense of self-worth. It’s a balancing act we all play and only sometimes do we get it all to align.


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