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From Yogi To Yogipreneur

How to start a business in yoga without being a yoga teacher

Entrepreneurship is not something you do because you have an idea. It's because you have a creativity within you that can’t be quashed or expressed by a regular 9-to-5 job, because you have a deep knowledge that your courage can become your greatest ally and your perseverance is something you know you could rely on in the darkest of storms.

Kimberly Parsons

Are you itching to venture out on your own and begin an entrepreneurial journey, but find yourself wondering if you have what it takes to choose the road less travelled? Do you dream of leaving the 9-to-5 behind to live a more creative life in line with your passion of yoga, but find the mortgage payments an overwhelming fear you can’t shake? Well, you are not alone and I empathise, the decision isn’t an easy one.

Entrepreneurs often describe their journey into entrepreneurship as an unavoidable life calling. The restriction of a job suffocates their sense of freedom and kills their creativity. What I know to be true of entrepreneurs (because I have never not been one) is that no matter the success or inevitable failures they remain optimistic enough to believe in themselves, aware enough to see problems around them, stubborn enough to keep going, and bold enough to act again and again. It is a struggle they are willing to battle. It is using past experiences and intelligence to make smart decisions. This process is at the core of any true entrepreneur and goes a long way to capturing the true essence of what it means to be a risk-taker, innovator and individual willing to carve his or her own path in a world that doesn't always take kindly to people who fail to follow the status quo.

For most yogi’s their journey to becoming a yogipreneur involves becoming a yoga teacher but what if you love yoga but don’t want to become a yoga teacher? If you love entrepreneurship AND yoga in equal measure but haven’t quite worked out how to package a business around your passions yet.

Today I share an interview about my entrepreneurial journey and offer my insights into working within the usiness of yoga. This interview with Amy McDonald, is a beautiful demonstration of how heart and hustle are a constant balancing act in business. In this really fun discussion we talk everything from my first yoga class to the chain of cafes I had in London, the importance of partnering with the right people for retreats and events, saying 'No' as an empowered business move, and why I decided to create a business based solely on my passions AND a life I truly desired to live.


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