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food beauty natural Get Your Glow On With These Beauty Foods

Open a magazine or turn on the television and you’re bound to see advertisements for lipstick, anti-ageing creams and other magic elixirs that promise youthfulness, beauty and radiance. But if you’re here, reading this article then chances are you’ve discovered that these ‘quick fixes’ don’t build the long-term beauty that you are seeking in a natural and holistic way. What does build beauty is a balance of daily diet and lifestyle choices and attentiveness to mind-set, outlook and self-perception. Real, beautiful results come from ordinary, everyday actions that have the power to affect a dramatic overall change in the way you look and feel.

I continually hear from women just how important there skin is to them and the concepts around beauty nutrition, that is, the foods and nutrients that directly support and enhance our beauty by defending, repairing and strengthening it – and healthy vanity or our innate desire to look and feel beautiful are so relevant in our lives today. Our skin can literally ‘sell’ us, as a first impression is often everything!

When we look towards natural beauty we can start to employ tools that are neither exclusive or expensive and we can literally watch as our skin transforms from painfully blemished, irritated and inflamed to calm, clear and healthy.



Rich in cocoa flavones, plant compounds with antioxidant properties, which help hydrate skin and improve circulation. Women who consumed a high flavone cocoa powder drink daily for 12 weeks experienced less skin roughness and scaliness compared to a control group.


The antioxidant lycopene (levels of which are higher in cooked tomatoes) improves skin’s natural SPF.


These nuts have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help the body retain moisture, giving your mane a healthy-looking shine. The protein content of the walnuts helps boost hair follicles, making hair fuller and stronger.

Foods That Help You Glow


It’s one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that absorb and neutralize the free radicals created by UV light—including the wavelengths that actually get through sunscreen and reach your skin.


Hemp seeds are made up of 30% pure protein and a full range of amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to maintain your skin’s structure. You can sprinkle a spoonful on cereal, or use hemp seed oil in dips or add it to your morning smoothie. According to a study noted in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, symptoms of skin dryness and itching significantly improved after using hemp seed oil for 20 weeks when consuming one to two tablespoons a day.


This sweet treat is high in vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain, which is known to be an effective skin softener. Drinking pineapple juice and munching on the fruit help the body synthesize collagen, which supports skin structure, while vitamin C and amino acids aid in cell and tissue repair, giving you a youthful appearance. Add it to your morning smoothie for a refreshing treat.  

Foods That Help You Glow


Pistachios + Figs

The vitamin B6 found in pistachios helps the body to better absorb calming magnesium found in figs. Together they support rejuvenate sleep, stress reduction and healthy nerve function.

Matcha Tea + Grapefruit

Matcha green tea alone is fabulous for beauty thanks to its incredible high anti-oxidant content and anti-wrinkle phtyo-chemical compounds, but when you add a squeeze of grapefruit to your cup your body will reap far more anti-oxidant benefits since citrus juice allows the body to absorb even more of the green tea’s anti-ageing compounds.

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