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Food is not just something we put into our body, it’s a philosophy!

This week I wanted to share the interview I did when I sat down with Oliver Chittenden, the founder of Head Talks to discuss how to treat mental health in naturopathic practice. Head Talks is an online platform, which aims to provide those dealing with mental health issues the knowledge, inspiration and a sense of community so they can create their very own toolbox to fix and maintain mental health. They believe connection is everything and wanted to create a safe place online for those who want to have healthier relationships – with themselves, with friends, families and loved ones. I love their work and felt strongly about wanting to help their cause and promote their initiative. Watch the video below for information on how to look after your own mental health through food.

Listen up for my top tips to help you manage mental health...

Find out which nutrients and foods are the most important to include in your diet for a healthy mind and which ingredients to add to your morning smoothie for a positive mindset each day. We also explore the idea behind why yoga can help with mental health and how food can make us feel a certain way. 

I am convinced mental conditions like anxiety and depression can be cured by food and herbs. I see it in my private practice all the time and it only reinforces my believe that education is key to helping us deal with mental disorders. When we have the knowledge and know which foods, and what elements of nutrition can help us feed our brains and gut microbiome we start to take our own power back and see that we can control our mental state.

If you are dealing with a mental disorder or would like more information on how to deal with stress, depression or anxiety then please get in touch or head over to the Head Talks website and create your very own toolkit of videos and podcasts from their great content. If you or you know of someone who would benefit from natural methods to dealing with mental health such as herbal medicine or nutrition and food, I offer consultations in person or over-the-phone so no one is ever out of reach from receiving the help they need.

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