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"Your path to wellness is as personal and individual as you are, that is why this blog is all about you and how to find your true path towards body intelligence. Find the most comprehensive holistic health advice right here. This is where wellness lives…"

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Christmas is upon us! As well as being a joyous time of eating, drinking and being merry, for many the festive season can also be one of the most stressful and unhealthy times of year. So what can you do to survive the season and come out the other end...

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Is Wellness Over-Complicated?

The global wellness industry is now a $3.7 trillion market, a staggering figure with 2018 set to be the biggest year of growth yet. When any industry grows to reach a significant percentage of the global economic output, you are sure to find ‘big corporate’ move in...

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Can You Eat Too Much Avocado?

The once-humble avocado has infiltrated almost every meal of the day: we’re spreading it on toast, using it to make chocolate mousse, and chucking it into our smoothies to make it extra thick and creamy. If you’re like most people, you’re probably eating more avocado than ever before. But as...

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What Should You Eat?

You want to eat healthy, but there’s so much confusing information out there. Which diet is really the best one? Today, the discussion seems to centre around whether a vegan, paleo or pescatarian diet is the healthiest way to eat. Eating ‘food’ isn’t as simple as it sounds anymore....

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Nutritional Myths & How To Correct Them

Nutrition is often a very confusing topic, made even more confusing by food companies who market foods as ‘lite’ or ‘low-fat’; often leading to consumers buying products which they believe to be healthy, completely unaware of the true facts and nutritional profiles of these foods. We now...

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Nutrition For Mental Health

Food is not just something we put into our body, it’s a philosophy! This week I wanted to share the interview I did when I sat down with Oliver Chittenden, the founder of Head Talks to discuss how to treat mental health in naturopathic practice. Head Talks is an...

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Innate Intelligence To Make Life Decisions

What Is Innate Intelligence? I talk a lot about connection in relation to how I see and describe health. As humans we have been offered our beautiful individual bodies as vessels for our souls to journey through this life and this 'connection' I describe is our internal...

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