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yoga connection happiness 10 Things You Should Give Up Right Now In Order To Feel More Connected

If you live in a westernised country, then chances are you live in a society where a ‘not enough' culture exists.

Scarcity, or that feeling of not being or having enough is so rampant and entrenched in our psyche it’s often the first emotion we feel when we wake in the morning – “I didn’t get enough sleep”, “I don’t have enough money in my account to pay that bill”, “I don’t have enough time to do everything everyone needs me to do today”, “I am not enough” and by the time we go to bed, we play the same old record – “I didn’t achieve enough today”, “I didn’t get what I needed to do done”, “I wasn’t funny enough on my date”, “I wasn’t enough....”

There are enough of us struggling with this issue of scarcity and worthiness that it’s shaping a culture and making us feel less connected to ourselves.

To combat this predicament, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the things you can let go of right now in order for you to feel more connected.

For more inspiration, let go of:

  • Doubt — all the doubts you conceive in your mind
  • Stifling, paralysing fear that stops you in your tracks and then turns on you and makes you feel guilty for not just doing it
  • Give up losing your sense of humour because it could turn everything around in a sweet second
  • Let go of the need for certainty, embrace the unknown and revel in lifes magic game
  • Give up the need to know everything – little – thing!

For more connection, let go of:

  • Judgements that keep you from connecting to people
  • Give up scrolling through social media and comparing your life to others
  • Let go of the hustle and need to productivity
  • Stop using exhaustion as a status symbol and find joy in play and rest instead
  • Let go of needing to be right

For more love, let go of:

  • Resistance to love
  • Let go of blame, attack and arrogance
  • Let go of being too serious
  • Give up second-guessing that you deserve love
  • Fear of being disliked
  • Let go of your need to be perfect

For more self love, let go of:

  • Let go of staying up too late because you think you still owe something more to the day than you already gave.
  • Stop letting perfectionism dictate your daily actions
  • Checking just one more email, going too long without eating, and over-working.
  • Control! God-damn control!

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