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energy yoga diet Eat Like A Yogi For More Energy

Tuning into what you need and choosing your ingredients accordingly, you can rebalance your entire system and give your body the energy it craves.

Follow these 7 simple healthy eating tips which will help to align your chakra system and watch as your energy skyrockets.

Root Chakra

Focus on root vegetables, plant-based proteins and earthy foods high in soluble fibre as a good basis for health.

Sacral Chakra

Help energy flow by soaking grains and using fermented foods to replenish gut bacteria.

Solar Plexus

Balance adrenal health with complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, legumes, oats and whole grains, plus natural metabolism-boosters cinnamon, almond and spinach, as well as energising ginger and chilli.

Heart Chakra

Concentrate on nutrient-dense foods filled with phytonutrients, to allow nurturing healing to take place on all levels.

Throat Chakra

Warming soups and restorative teas soothe the throat, while foods rich in iodine, such as seaweeds, feed the thyroid gland.

Feast on mood-enhancing matcha and raw cacao, and support the nervous system with chamomile, lemon verbena and black sesame seeds.

Crown Chakra

Use organic foods to detox, along with omega-3-rich nuts, hemp, chia, flaxseeds and green leafy vegetables to support the brain.

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