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The Yoga Lifestyle

An incredible hub of information for all of you looking to incorporate yogi principles into your life and health journey including daily habits to help you become yogic even when you are off your mat


Are You Guilty Of Getting In Your Own Way?

If you look back and reflect on your life, can you see that some of the best things that have ever happened to you, actively happened without any of your effort, yet some of the worst things that happened, you actively made happen! If you can relate you probably already...

Creating Mindful Eating Habits

Keeping up with a modern, fast-paced lifestyle can leave little time for tuning into your needs. You’re constantly moving from one thing to the next, not paying attention to what your mind or body is truly craving. Practicing mindfulness can help you become aware of those needs....

Yoga Eating Principles

You may have noticed since your yoga practice has become more regular that you naturally find yourself gravitating toward a type of diet that gives you nourishment, energy, lightness, and flexibility. A yogi diet is a balanced way of eating that ancient yogis believed had a huge...